Virtus Salvos is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy, outside of the Solar System.

Compared to Earth, Virtus Salvos is relatively small. The planet's surface is very Earth-like, with mountains, forests, deserts, and rivers. Virtus Salvos is around 87 percent ocean, with two main land masses, known as Taminnas and Otaminas. A small group of islands, known as the Eaglemen Islands, exists west of the two land masses. None of these land masses have been heavily explored, with the majority of the population living in heavily populated cities near rivers and coastline.

Three intelligent species inhabit Virtus Salvos, Humans, Porsons, and Eaglemen.

As of 2020 AD, Virtus Salvos is undergoing a civil war, between the Virtus Salvosians, and the Human Supremacists.

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