The Brotherhood of Hector is one of the global factions currently fighting in the Earth Civil War, a part of the Crowist Alliance. They are under the leadership of Hector, who according to Crowism, is the demigod of soccer. Most citizens of the Brotherhood of Hector are Crowists.

The Brotherhood of Hector currently controls Central and Southern Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America.

The Brotherhood of Hector has two main goals: To collect all soccer balls (which they believe have the power to end the world) and keep them out of evil hands, and to kill all "evil" monsters. The Brotherhood has a strict code of ethics, and does not tolerate rule-breaking.

Citizens of the Brotherhood of Hector live in large, densely-populated cities, or small, rural towns scattered throughout Brotherhood territory.

The Brotherhood also has many weapons to use against its enemies. Some of their weapons include, but are not limited to: laser guns, laser mini-guns, mini-guns, guided throwing spears, melee clubs, and pistols.

All citizens of the Brotherhood are divided into three roles, Pilot, Scientist, and Soldier. Pilots fly Hectorcopters, a type of attack helicopter developed by the Brotherhood, and other aircraft the Brotherhood has produced. Scientists develop the technology the Brotherhood needs for daily life and for its military. Most citizens of the Brotherhood are scientists. Soldiers are trained to fight in the front lines, and are the Brotherhood's ground forces.

Brotherhood soldiers wear two kinds of armor: Hector Combat Armor, and Hector Armor. Hector Combat Armor is a light armor that allows for agility, but lowered protection. Hector Armor is much bigger and bulkier, but provides much more protection than Hector Combat Armor. In fact, Hector Armor is so heavy it must be climbed into, and requires to be powered by Hector Batteries, a new battery created by the Brotherhood.

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